The Renaming Methods Explained

Cloud Drive

Naming Rule & Summarized Description

New Name: Give a totally new name to the files

Remove Text: Delete a single/ all instances of the specified characters from the name

Replace Text: Find and replace a single/ all instances of specific text with text of your choice

Trim Text: Shorten the text in the beginning or end of the filename

Prefix: Add a prefix to the filename or file extension

Suffix: Add a suffix to the filename of file extension

Numbering: Add a numeric pattern to the file names that will progress in ascending order

Swap: Swap the position of text located before and after a specified portion of the filename

Insert At: Insert specific text at the position of your choice in the filename

Lowercase: Converts all text in the filename to lowercase

Uppercase: Converts all text in the filename to uppercase


How to Rename Files on Cloud?

Cloud File Renamer (CFR) web-app renames cloud data smartly, in a secure and speedy manner. It uses the official APIs of OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3 to gain limited access to your data. The content of your files is not visible to CFR. It can only see and set new names to the files, photos, music, documents, and videos.


Signup for CFR

Register for an account at Cloud File Renamer and login.


Select the Cloud

Sign in to the cloud service and load the cloud data


Select Rules & Settings

Choose the renaming rule(s) and apply the required settings .


Sit Back & Relax

Browse the Internet while we zoom our way through the renaming job.

Rename Cloud Files & Folders - In a Flash!

Cloud File Renamer is the smart way to rename files. It performs this job securely by accessing your cloud data via the official API of the cloud service. It will provide you 13 unique renaming rules to apply, and you can also apply multiple rules in a single run.

Cloud File Renamer will NEVER store your password or data on its servers!

Cloud File Renamer will
  • Rename Documents
  • Rename Images
  • Rename Audio & Video Songs
  • Rename Archives
  • Rename Folders
  • Rename All File Types!